Me in the Big Horn Mountains


Where I’m coming from

Growing up in a Christian home I didn’t always see or fully understand the gifts that I had been given. From the tough trials of growing up with a perpetually ill mother to becoming a functional adult and mom of boys; I feel that even at 30 I’ve lived several lifetimes. God has been with me every step of the way and provided me with mentors that kept encouraging me in faith, hope and love. Now, it’s time for me to share that encouragement with you.

Countless times I meet other women who are Christians but have no connection to their faith or God. They view the Bible as an unintelligible book filled with stories and designed for men. I want to change that. I want to encourage moms to find God through the Bible and by doing so find themselves.

Where I’m hoping to take us both

I’m going to be posting weekly to share Bible verses, articles and life applications from the Bible. I also have regular posts of encouragement on my social media platforms. However, I am human with a serious case of “sparkly, pink thing!!!” or “squirrel syndrome” as my husband likes to call it; therefore, this blog will also contain my thoughts on foster care, tips on how I run a homeschool household and more.

Throughout this site there will be links to things I really love and think you will too; it’s likely that these will be affiliate links because just like you I have financial goals too. Know that I will be 100% honest in my reviews and if you click a link and make a purchase you will be helping yourself and supporting another mom and that kind of thing just makes a person feel good on the inside. 🙂

Thanks for reading my “about me” page – if you’re interested in connecting contact me or find me on social media (links on the top right). Hope to see you back soon!